María Rodríguez Damián (Dra)

Since 2001 has been performing the following functions : Staff, Full Professor

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  • Title: Accuracy of Bluetooth based Indoor Positioning using different Pattern Recognition Techniques
    Year: 2019
    Journal: Journal of Computer Science & Technology
    Editorial: Universidad Nacional De Argentina [10.24215/16666038.19.e01]
    Issn: 1666-6038
    Volumen: 19
    Pages: 1 - 7
    Impact factor: 0.632
    Base: JCR (Q3)
    Type: Journal Articles
    Authors: Leandro Rodríguez Liñares, María Rodríguez Damián, Xosé Antón Vila Sobrino

  • Title: Indoor Tracking Persons Using Bluetooth: A Real Experiment with Different Fingerprinting-Based Algorithms
    Year: 2013
    Journal: Ambient Intelligence - Software and Applications
    Editorial: Springer
    Isbn: 978-3-319-00565-2
    Pages: 25 - 32
    Type: Book Chapters
    Authors: Xosé Antón Vila Sobrino, María Rodríguez Damián, Leandro Rodríguez Liñares

  • Title: Automatic detection and classification of grains of pollen based on shape and texture
    Year: 2006
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on System, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C
    Editorial: IEEE Society
    Issn: 1094-6977
    Volumen: 36
    Pages: 531 - 542
    Impact factor: 1.375 (Q3)
    Base: JCR 2013
    Type: Journal Articles
    Authors: Arno Formella, Eva Cernadas García, Manuel Fernández Delgado, Pilar Sá Otero, María Rodríguez Damián

  • Title: Clasificación automática y recuento de granos de polen a partir de imágenes digitales de microscopía óptica
    Year: 2005
    Editorial: Universidade De Vigo
    Organizer: Eva Cernadas Garcia, Arno Formella. Mª Pilar Sá Otero
    Type: Phd Thesis
    Authors: María Rodríguez Damián