Simulation, Optimization, and Approximation

The objective of this investigation is to build a learning shape recognition engine which we call ShapeWiz (from shape wizard). The system approximates a set of two-dimensional input points, either as an ordered set of input strokes (known as online-case) or as an unorderd set of simple points (known as offline-case) with one or several geometric shapes, where new shapes are learned with the help of the feedback of the user. If the appoximation is sufficiently close to some known shape according to some similarity measure, the input is said to be recognized. Depending on the domain certain restrictions on the recognition process might be applied and possibly additional domain specific knowledge can be used. Applications of such a system are, among others, general vectorization task, automatic image description based on edge/border interpretation, content based image recognition, user friendly graphical input devices, and educational software.

We have already a quite versatil version of ShapeWiz with the following properties:

  • It handles both the online- and the offline-case for a single shape.
  • It uses almost parameter free deterministic algorithms.
  • A demonstration version with an HTML5 user interface supporting both mouse and touch input is available at

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